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Summer 2019

Stepp Ir replaced after nearly 10 years with a combination of OPTIBEAM 9-5 and on top a AnJo LogPer for 50-430 MHz... see the details


Some new amplifiers added to my collecion, visit the special page


End 2018

was such a super busy year with very small ammount of time for the hobby. But some interetsing radios arived home.. IC7610 and Kenwood TS 890. The 890 is now exact beside the 990 and looks like father and son... the 7610 is something special... because i don´t know if i like it of not. I was never a great ICOM lover for HF but decided to try again. The performance is great it is for just to nerveus radio... maybe i get too old and prefere the 990/890 stype with seperate buttons for all functions.

Flexradio... sold... case closed

All DMR radios, hotspots, repeater... sold.. digital chapter also finished

wait for the FT 101 to arrive.... and maybe such new Icom 9700 VHF/UHF/SHF radio... let´s see

Spring 2017

I could not resist and started to play with a software defined radio, so i got a Flexradio 6300 to my collection. to be honest... i don't know if I like it. Crystal clear.. it is the future... but for sure I keep my old friends with thousand knobs as long as possible a live.

The MAESTRO unit is an interesting option for the Flex-radio to give you a feeling of a VFO... but why does it not work from remote?

For now I use the Flex as a receiver and play around with it