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August 2016

DM0ZIR complete deinstalled, no more DMR, nomore Echoling, nomore FM repeater... 3 month without any use... it does not make any sense to continue

November 2015

Sorry for being slow in updating the page, but business and job ask for full attention and I do not have so much time for the hobby. The remaining time I use to do some nice shortwave contacts

January 2014

Very nice meeting with A61BK and A61DJ in Dubai, UAE. Great to meet the gentleman after so may HF QSO first time for an eyeball QSO.



July 2013

Mobilradio just replaced with the new ICOM 7100... somay features in one box with such good quality.... great

June 2013

A new radio arrived home... a real big toy... since long time not a Yaesu one, but a radio I must have... Kenwood TS 990


Feb 2013

just installed the voice memory unit to my FT-DX3000. It took some time to get friends... for the 3000 and me. Now I start to like the radio more and more. I use it now as a setup with sharp Heil modulation for DX, a direct connection to my Expert1K and Ham Radio Deluxe. So I am much faster compared to the warm up procedure of Acom 2000. The tubes get warmed during a contest or so.


i received some Comet mounting brackets because thef fit perfect for the rear door of my new BMW 5 series station wagon. I am setting up and preparing everything here... and wait to have a first look to the ICOM IC 7100.... i like the design and the radio from what I saw on the first information sheeets. But I haven´t found out how to remote control my ATAS. If that will work... it could happen that ICOM will find the way in my car... if not, the FT857 will come back.


Oct 2012

just returned from a nice vacation to A61. Busy at home to get the FTDX5000 and FTDX3000 working with one amplifier (ACOM2000) and the other radios FT2000, FT 950 and some old working with the Expert 1

DEC 2011

start with remoterig to bring one of my FT 2000 in such a remote usable version. Seems to be not so difficult


Dec 2011

my YAESU collection grows and grows. During last time I focused on the manpacked radios. Found a very nice FT 70G incl. Tuner etc and also a brandnew VX1210. The VX1210 caused some problems because options are not so easy to find. Will get them running 100% ... to store them in my museum.

May 2011

just returned from Dayton Hamvention 2011.... feel free to see the pics

Spring 2011

lot of DX with my current setup, use most of the time the combo FTDX5000, Acom 2000 and SteppIR.

Summer 2010

All antennas are installed, shack nearly ready.... here we go. Please see the pages about the Stepp-IR and you can get a feeling what we did during the last month to install the antenna.


Summer 2009

The summer 2009 was a busy time for us, because we had to move our family to a new location. Due to the need to be close to the working place we moved from the Munich region back to the North-West. Now we stay very close to the Netherlands border. All the antenna and shack installation has to start again.... This actions kept me busy and I did not find a lot of time for Ham Radio in 2009

Sept 2008

just back from vacation to South France, had a lot of 10 shortskip contacts cross Europe. FT 857 / ATAS120 combo still working perfect from my car. Enjoy to work with this 100W mobile setup the rest of the world.

At home I am working just a little bit in the Dx as soon as we see some spts comming up. Wait for my new YAESU toy, but VX8 is still pending.

Oct 2007

Busy busy busy from my job, not so much time to play in Ham Radio. A few new items arrived and wait to play with... FT 450, FT 950, VX3 and some items for digital modes... hope the winter will bring some time to do so

June 2007

Ham Radio 2007 show just finished... for me nothing real new... the FT 450 was presented by YAESU Europe... ups... have mine at home since a couple of weeks. So... we spend a good time with some friends... see some impressions here

May 2007 Dayton weekend....

..... amd a new baby just arrived: The FT450. Something in between the 897 and the 2000, but nice toy

May 2007

the collection grow and grow... got some new kids: Ft 102, FT902 line including the FV901 (6/2/UHF) converter and so on...

my “real” baby Jasmin is now nearly 3 and get popular in ham radio because of her active promotion for the old YAESU radios:




February 2007

Did the update to my FT 2000, whow... first time did a software update to a ham radio product... I think a new milestone.

Also installed the DMU unit... nice toy see the pics here


Some new microphones arrived, I am now in the position to check the difference between the worldwide well-known Electro Voice RE 20 and the Heil PR 40 because I do have them both now. Also the DMU Unit @ FT 2000 arrived, maybe we can see how good the radio performs in audio

September 2006

A new kid in the town... my FT 2000 arrived today

Just started to collect a few information about the FT-2000 settings and mods

July 2006

My working station - not the collection - got a new member. A still very well working Sommerkamp FT-One joined the combo

May 2006

Dayton Hamvention just closed the door... it was a great weekend... met old and new friends and used the time to see some upcomming news. Was great to attend when a new star was born (YAESU FT-2000) and also the 50th year of YAESU in ham Radio. See my pictures here

January 2006

I got my antennas up... the last “nice weather weekend” before xmas gave tha chance to install the antennas. Everything working pretty well. click

Also I got the licence for DM0ZIR-L which is an Echolink node station located at my home. Of course we have a very good working node in our area this one should be used for long-lasting qso on local base click

Over all... still collecting old scanner and transceiver, just got a TS288 which is a YAESU FT101 under Sommerkamp brand with 23 Ch CB installed. No idea how many are build... but I think just a few. click

October 2005

I asked for...I waited...and I got it: after 25 years with DG8JZ I got a call with my initials. Starting Oct 1st you will see me on the air as DK3HV. If you find any “old” call somewhere deep inside this page, please let me know

September 2005

A great year for the family, the job and so on... a bad year for my ham activities. Due to a move middle of the year I had to rebuild all my ham radio staff, my antennas ...just everything. So I could not join the 6m conditions, no contest, nothing. Bad situation. Now everything is ready and I will try everything to get back on the air as soon as possible.

Increased my collection in the time with some nice trx like the “original” FT1000D, an old tube radio TS 288 (FT101 with 23 CB channel, Sommerkamp branded), some 23cm /SHF stuff and so on.

I got a individual call sign for my Wires II node station and will get it back on air as soon as the antennas will be in the sky.

October 30th

This time... no new radio, no new antenna... but a new crew member


August 2004

new Mosley 4 El Beam for all WARC bands installed,

July 2004

New kid in town... see my first impressions and informations about ICOM`s R20. Also some details for the Reaction-Tune connection to Optoelectronics Scout etc. Let us share some data files for the R20 setup!

May 2004

still very busy with the job.... but, a new baby arrived today... the FT 920 left me a few weeks ago...and a FT-1000 MK V arrived today together with a brand new Mosley 4 El beam.... here we go on HF

Pay attention to my yaesu-museum web page for some news!

Jan 2004

very busy with my job and not so much time to spend in ham radio. sorry for that, but it is a must. Please check some minor changes i.e. the collection of Bosch branded cars and trucks. For the Ham Radio life I spend the time actually in the page.


Just today the largest ham show in central Europe closed the door. A few new highlights arrived into the ham world. Take a close look at the new Kenwood mobile HF+6m transceiver. Seems to be a very fine peace of equipment. Other things maybe new for the crowd, but I...and all my visitores.... have seen them before. Wires got a good start in Germany and a few new WIRES modems were sold. OPTOELECTRONICS came with the XSweeper. Of course you will see the new spectrum display soon. Stay tuned and start to love the new Kenwood baby...( no modell number till today!)


New toy arrived today... YAESU`s new little baby.. VX2R


A new toy comming soon...after a couple of month with the Echolink sytem... now it is the time to start the play with YAESU`s WIRES II


Just back from one of the largest computer shows CEBIT at the Hannover fairground. I found the ICOM booth and found a new transceiver IC 208 which I never saw before. Here are some pictures


A new toy arrived yesterday... FT 857   first impression... GREAT

see the details


Well, doing better performance and more informations in my yaesu-museum takes time. I am sorry for some delay in updating this page.... but take a short visit to the Yaesu-Museum and you will see how I waste the time. My FT 857 started his trip to my home and I will publish my first impressions soon.


Whow... the news comming faster.... so I deceided to start a small redesign.. you will find the VR 5000 and VR120 page still at the old place... but no longer headlined!

Just click the picture!


Some new pictures and soundfiles added to the “Worldwide-Wellknown-Ham” page


Today we finished the installation of my new antenna system...whow... is it possible to finish? Don`t know, but the first step is done! See the pic`s


Sorry for some quit time, but we used the time to move down to Bavaria. No we stay in a small village very close to Munich. During the past weeks we had no time to work on the web page because everything must be prpared for the winter time. In Bavaria it seems for us to be a little bit cold in winter. The things get ready and the shack grows up. Last week I got my FT 897 but no time to play with. Also I miss some antennas and hope the wx will get fine during next weekend.


Japan Ham Fair just closed. So please feel free to see my suggested links to the latest news in Ham Radio!

Link #1

Link #2


HAM RADIO 2002 at the old fairground Friedrichshafen has gone... after more than 25 years... hope it will be a good show next year.

Not so much new toys.... but I got a VX7R and ordered a FT 897. I just bought several antennas for my FT 817 and will test them during the upcomming vacation.


DAYTON Hamvention 2002

Visit the news.... some more new YAESU equipment. See the FT8900R and FT 897



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